Rating I1

The head of the Rostov FIR VATSIM network.

In recognition of peers, the most severe and therefore the most popular instructor of the Russian branch of the European Division of the network VATSIM. I prepared and issued a set of controllers currently working around the Russian division of the Network. I spent nearly 5,000 hours of ATC online.

Ivan Cernov
Rating C3

One of the most experienced controler and an old resident of the Rostov FIR. He participated in numerous international and Russian events division. Member WorldFlight.

Rating С1

One of the most experienced ATC controler of our FIR has participated in flyin, including WorldFlight and Olympic Event at Sochi. Also has almost 1,000 hours of online and virtual control plaque over 1500 hours.

Rating S2

The most experienced “Ground” and “Tower” of Rostov FIR. Meticulous and attentive, excellent. Preparing to test thoroughly, not fast but surely growing career.

Rating S1

Just starting his way in the organization of air traffic.

Rating S1

Site developer of Rostov FIR and amateur pilot, loves to VFR flights.